between the sheets


i got some laundry done today, including my favourite sheets, the 250-thread count egyptian cotton ones. naturally, the bed is now immaculately dressed.

the heat wave is breaking briefly, just for tonight. it’s fallen several degrees and a breeze has been conjured for the first time in about a week, with today being the most insufferable yet–until now.

soon, i’ll have a hot bath with baby oil, and toy with myself in the tub before i crawl naked into bed.

but thanks to this slightly cool breeze wafting in off the ocean, and with any luck, completely unclad, i’ll cool down and remain a little on the chilled side all night long.

i sleep naked year-round, but it’s so much more enjoyable in the summer. i love the sensation of being naked under a single sheet on a hot night, the top sheet often completely askew, maybe a leg dangles over the side of the bed, a nipple protrudes, when a warm breeze whispers over my skin.

when it comes to that taunting breeze, nothing evokes the simple eroticism of summer for me better than sleeping naked — except fucking outdoors.

but tonight, the only option i have is that of crawling into bed alone, naked. so, without ado.


* * *

in case you hadn’t noticed, visuals will be a big part of this site. i intend to have a lot of erotic images posted, and many will be nudes. that said, i think porn is uninspiring, so i prefer fine art nudes or retro porn from the ’50s and beyond.

hopefully, this site will have a unique look and feel as a result. if you find images you think are suitable for The Cunting Linguist, please email them to me. thanks.

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