To Shave, or Not to Shave?


That is the question.

My answer is, absolutely. I just spent some quality time taking care of nature’s overgrowth before a long hot soak in the tub with a little oil. It feels great.

Depubing your privates goes a long way to improving sex. Personally, not only does a guy’s facial stubble enhance my oral experience, but so does being relatively hairless where it counts.

I’ve said it before, oral puts the pleasure in sex. For me, there’s nothing quite so enthralling as well-done oral. (Of course, a girl can’t live on oral alone.)

But oral can be a dirty job. In which case, I say: Run like the fucking wind.

Let’s face it. Better hygiene gets you better service.

Spelunking can be downright nasty when you don’t know what you’re about to encounter. This is true of cavernous spaces as well as muff and cock.

Now, I realize hair is natural. There are those who will wax poetic about keeping your pubes intact. In fact, once upon a time, I used to preserve my forests. It wasn’t a moralistic thing, though. It was all about razor burn.

It’s bad enough to have razor burn anywhere on your body, but to have it between your legs, in the folds of the skin, is damned unnecessary.

That’s one of the problems with “maintenance.” For those of us with sensitive skin, it can be a chore. Fortunately, thanks to lovely chemists and chemicals, the gods of the Bunsen burner have made it possible to go mostly hairless without the nasty skin reactions.

So the question is, why should anyone resort to harsh chemicals, razor burn, waxing, or electrolosys just to remove hair that belongs where you found it?

Because there ain’t no food group that includes hair. Because there are better ways to floss.


Now, I enjoy giving head. I do. If the guy is clean and trimmed, that is. Hygiene means I’ll go the extra mile to give that extra special service. If things ain’t spiff? You’re banished to the quickie lane, my friends. Trust me, it’s better I linger and do a little detailing. But do your share.

Body odor? Don’t even pass go. Too hairy down there? I’ll be cut off at the path.

After all, oral pleasure isn’t about routine. It’s about moving around and applying pressure, sucking, nibbling, licking, and massaging all over the region. It’s not about just the head or the clit. It’s about the inner thighs and everything in between. Without excessive hair, a lover feels more like roaming and nibbling. Face it, skin tastes awesome. Hair, not so much.

Besides, too much hair robs you of some great sensations.

For example, that tingling, arousing feeling that hits you when your partner pauses mid-oral, and you’re sopping from a mixture of saliva and your juices, and they lean almost completely in, hovering, and breathe long, hot, slow breaths onto your your moist skin, causing this titillating mix of hot/cold that’s enhanced by their breathy breeze. It’s like the perfect day at the beach.

These days, I may not “shave” per se, but I’m very well trimmed. I praise the makers of Veet and other fine products for making my life a little more comfortable and sexy. I can’t believe I ever tolerated the bushlands, because I now find it itchy and the wrong kind of moist. I enjoy the extra attention my lovers give me.

That said, I gotta say, it’s nice to see more guys caring about their coiffs now. If it helps to do the job better…

After all, it’s very empowering to deliver quality oral, and taking the long, twisted, scenic route makes it all the more rewarding.

When proper forestry practices are maintained, of course.

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