Bad Ass


Ooh, all those piercings. Makes me wonder if you got royalty, too.

I dunno, I’ve been with some bad boys, but you might just be the baddest yet.

If I get you.

If I do… oh. I don’t even think I can tell you the things I’m thinking of doing.

The passion that emanates from you… I wanna be provoking that. Receiving that. Enjoying that.

When I think of the things you create with those hands, I want to be a part of them, to be under them. To control them, deprive you of them, and then to be at their mercy.

I adore the way you speak… that deep, sexy, measured voice. The way you articulate with passion, the way your sounds jumble together every now and then, thanks to your pierced tongue.

And, oh, do I want a piece of that.

Yeah, I came here looking for inspiration. And in you, it just walked right on in.

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