DISCUSSION: Mr. Softee and the Minute-Man


A lovely blog-girlie I know in NYC is caught in a dilemma.

There’s a boy she likes. (They’re in their mid-20s.) Recently, they got to playing — making out hot and heavy for nearly an hour on the sofa. She was a little baffled to find he wasn’t getting hard, despite the heat. Being the caring, involved kinda gal she is, she thought she’d give him a hand — and head.

She went down on him and took his flaccid cock in her mouth. Now this was after reading my handy tips, so you know she’s got some skills, right? But there’s only so much you can do with a flaccid cock. Despite working away at him, Mr. Softee stayed soft. Mr. Softee’s management was very much into the services she was providing, but Softee itself wasn’t showing much approval at all, remaining almost entirely soft in her mouth.

Despite her bafflement, she forged on. It’s my understanding that many minutes had passed.

Then the boy told her he was going to come soon. She was stunned. He was still soft. He suddenly got semi-stiff for all of a minute, and then blew his load.

He then pretended everything was well and good and fine, that going from Mr. Softee to being the Minute-Man was hunky-dory.

(She also had made reference to him using his penis to caress her at various times, dragging it over her skin as if it were a feather and wondered if this was odd.)


Unfortunately for all of us, it’s hard to find info on the net about young men in their 20s having erectile dysfunctions. The band-aid seems to be “Viagra” this or “Cialis” that, which I think is bullshit, since it doesn’t deal with the issues as they need to be dealt with.

First of all, of course he’s going to pretend it’s all well and good. He’s a man and wasn’t able to be “rock hard,” like all the books and movies claim he’s got to be. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, men have a hell of a lot of pressure on them when it comes to being able to perform in sex. If he can’t get hard and stay hard, then society tells him he’s a sexual failure. He ain’t going to admit his failings to a hot chick unless pressed.

Second, the dragging-penis-on-skin thing isn’t that whacked, it’s just him trying to tell his penis he’s made a new friend, and Mr. Penis should like his sexy new friend. It’s just an attempt to get himself hard — and clearly it didn’t work.

I speculate that he has in the past been able to get himself hard, or else he wouldn’t have been willing to risk the humiliation with said chick. But I might be wrong.

I’d say see how things go next time around before you get too worried. I’d say he might have a lot of stress going on or financial problems preventing him from getting to where he wants to be. Maybe he’s an avid cyclist and it’s affecting his performance. Maybe he was coming down with something and that prevented him from being able to do his thing.

I’ve been with a guy who was unable to get it up for a few days, about a week. Knowing what his true skills were, I tried not to take it personally. I was patient, I was supportive, and I didn’t pressure him. And when Mr. Stiffee made his victorious return, my god, was I rewarded. But I had a past history with that lover, so I knew he had it in him. You, my dear, don’t have that vantage point, thus we’re reduced to speculation here.

This not-having-a-dick thing prevents me from really being an authority on such issues, so I’m wondering if my wonderful male readers could weigh in on this issue before my girl has a weekend date with said man, and I know that I can spur some discussion with this posting.

So, whatcha think, dear readers? How does she approach the guy when she sees him next? How can she bring this topic up when he can’t get up? Can you comment on whether or not he has a history of erections panning out for him, considering his willingness to get involved, or am I oversimplifying matters?

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