Photographic How-Tos on Sexual Positioning

If you don’t try new positions in sex and you wonder why other people are fussing about sex and orgasms so much, you’ve probably answered your own question.

Positioning is about the most important thing to consider if you’re wanting more variety in sex — bondage and all that should come after you’ve given and taken it in every position you can think of.

Why’s it matter so much? Well, sex is all about nerve-endings, basically, and position of entry and thrusting can affect which nerves are hit and when — if they’re firing in new sequences, it can result in a completely different climax.

This is true for men and women. So, really, know your positions. Here’s where this awesome site comes in handy —

This is one of the best sites of sexual positioning I’ve found on the web — thanks,! — just because they offer a few varieties and because everything’s photographed.

This is their selection of 20 beautifully erotic positions — not safe for work. Just so damned pretty, too.

These are way unsafe for work, too, but with more than 80 positions photographed, grouped according to style (ie: Women on Top, Anal Sex, etc) and come with the explanations in detail.

The site has lots of other useful stuff, but they’ve not made it very pretty or easy to navigate, but it’s worth surfing if you’re interested.

The photo pictured here is from their “erotic” collection and is called “Crisscross coupling.”

(And I’m not paid to endorse this site in any way.)

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