A Note from the Management

It’s been a crazy week and I haven’t had the time to write lately, but I tell you, I am bursting at my seams to do so.

I plan to make an extra good pot of coffee in the morning, settle in, and write. There’s a few different things I may tackle in the next week or so: An ode to the always-fun quickie, some thoughts on porn, a review of a how-to-be-a-better-lover sex guide DVD, and a couple other shall-remain-unspoken notions.

Sigh. I’ve missed writing. Life’s been chaotic, but I took the time to clean my desk yesterday, and that’s always a great way to induce the will to write. Now, I need the time. Love a good, quiet Friday morning.

Thanks for your patience. Soon, the games shall resume. Fun, fun, fun. For now, off to work. Mmf. By bus, even. We’ve entered that 8-week period where riding the scooter becomes an exercise in self-mutilation as you toy with sub-zero temps and their windchill factors in the bitter fucking cold. So, rather than expose myself to sadomasochistic tendencies on a daily basis, I will take the lesser of the evil pills and hop on the bus with my iPOD on full blast. For once, being one of the masses isn’t too terrible.

And it’s really, really good fodder for writing. I’ve been in a rut. The rut’s been shook. Thank frickin’ god. Anyhow, like I said: Work. Speaking of necessary evils, and without ado… Thanks again for all the positivity and the mushy shit that comes with. How cool is that.

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