Manscaping? How much?

A reader emailed me around Christmas and asked me something short and sweet:

“When you say you like your guys trimmed, how trimmed are we talking? For that matter, how trimmed have most of the guys you’ve been with been? Like, short? Really short? Shaved?”

Okay, here’s what I responded with:

I like a guy who gets rid of almost all his hair down there. My partners have used electric razors, the trimmer side, to just get rid of most of it, and that satisfies this girlie just fine. Apparently it’s easier to do with an erection, but what do I know? You may even want to experiment with the noxious chemical creams some of us girls use to get rid of the hair (Veet, etc), but that takes it right down to skin, and you may have reactions to the chemicals, in which case I got three words for ya: Burn, baby, burn.*

Less hair makes giving oral a much better experience, and makes me, personally, more likely to service the entire region, and not just the shaft. I’m not crazy about mandatory flossing during sex, that’s all. Your boys will get more attention, and all the sensitive skin around there, that’s usually covered with hair, will also get more attention.

Shaving it off completely might feel really great initially but will likely feel itchy when it starts to grow back in, since some of us girls experience that, so that’s something to be aware of. But you may even find that the hair itself, as it grows back in, can be really sensitive to sensation as it’s teased with fingers or a tongue, and that might be a really good bonus for you. Short, short is good enough for most chicks, I would imagine. Trim your inner thighs, too, if you want them nibbled lots’n’lots, but if you’re a cyclist or runner, be aware that it may cause some chaffing/in-grown hairs… Not altogether pleasant.

And if you’re one of those guys who’s hung up on size (“one of,” right, there’s an understatement) then there’s the bonus that your cock looks bigger when you do get rid of the hair, or at least drastically minimize it. Cheaper than enlargement surgery, too. That and a cock ring, and you’ll feel like King of the World.

I hear razors buzzing already.

*One of my readers has weighed in on this — he agrees, a dicey proposition. Read the comments for his experience.

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