My Day

These are the kinds of guys I find hot. The ones who know how to relax, who seem to have enough grasp on what’s important that they find their way here on a rare sunny winter’s day in Vancouver. I mean, if you can’t find your way to seize moments like these when they’re so far and few between, what kind of life are you leading, right?

Oh, so, of course, I made my way there, so it says something about some of my values. I sprained my ankle, though, and had to cycle another 4km to the bus station, which wasn’t very much fun, but geez, this day was worth a little pain. The good things always are, n’est ce pas? And the first hour and a half rocked my world, so, hey, there’s that.

And I’d like to talk about photography for a second. This one is one of my photos I took today. I enjoy photography and have been known to snap a pretty pic or two, days like this, I love it, but I need to take a moment to say that every single photo you’ve seen on here (the Cunt), besides this one, belong to other people. They’ve been found on the web. I don’t make money off this site, so, it’s kinda fine.

But I just can’t help it, they’re all such hot and great images. I love ’em to bits. Makes for a nice look, yeah? Anyhow, I have a good eye, but they just ain’t mine. I’ve mentioned it before, but not for a while.

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