Quickie Post.

There won’t be a new posting until Friday night, probably, and who knows about that. I have a busy few days coming up. I’ve written a couple things, and I’m not sure how to tweak either of them. One’s on cybersex addiction, a depressing topic, but the one I want to write is another perspective on why women might be hesitant to touch themselves in any meaningful way. Unfortunately, I have to spend time trying to find a few particular writing examples to take in to a certain notorious magazine seeking a copyeditor. Not sure I have the skills for their level of publication, but shit, I can give it a go. I really need to invest some time in finally amassing an actual portfolio. I’m far too laissez-faire about all this.

ANYHOW. An update on Canadian politics. We have a new Prime Minister — a religious in-search-of-morality-for-the-masses Conservative Prime Minister.

They have a minority government, though, and unlike the US, we have four major parties. The Liberals can band with the NDP for any vote and easily vote down the Tory (Cons.) agenda, so I doubt there’ll be five years of Conservatives at the helm — we may have another election in a year. Let’s hope. Their minority gov’t is even smaller than the Liberals’ gov’t that suffered a vote of non-confidence, so, I’m optimistic on that count, but I know Harper (the new PM) is the kind of man who’d rather impact things HIS way and only serve one term, than toe the line, not put his own policies in place, and serve three. (We have no limit on how often a Prime Minister can serve the country. Trudeau was our PM for much of 16 years. I like this aspect of our politics — consistency can be a virtue.)

For those who know little of Canadian politics, we don’t elect a leader — we elect a party. We vote only for our local Member of Parliament, and based on the number of MPs voted from any one party, the leader of the party with the most votes becomes PM. I wish we could have a separate vote for leader, but oh, well.

Interesting point? The Conservatives never won a single seat in any of Canada’s largest cities — Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal. Figures, you gotta be a hick to buy that shit. (No offense to the country folk.) But enjoy your sex clubs in Montreal while you can — if anyone tries to take that away, it’ll be Harper.

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