I was showering after some housework (somethin’ nice about gettin’ real clean after being dirty) and thinking. I wrote a rant a bit ago on beauty products, and mentioned I use Aveeno baby shampoo and sugar to exfoliate. I just finished doing that, kinda all over, since I have a date later, and I realized I have this habit of always licking my lips after I do this on my face. See, the sugar leaves me tasting sweet.

Me, I like knowing I’m literally delicious. Wouldn’t you? So, I scrub with sugar, then use Kama Sutra’s Honey Dust to finish it off after I apply a little natural scented almond oil. Hey, it’s good to be yummy. You too can be your very own food group. Never underestimate the appeal of familiar flavours. (This works for guys, too, so take note. Be yummy!)

*Web stats rock: Someone just found me by searching for “masturbation with teddy bears.” Who knew? If that was you, can you email me why you’re looking? Kink? Tell me about it.

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