Ah, damn you and the whores you rode in on!

No, it’s not just you, blogger hates me, too. Yes, the site’s been down tonight. Hopefully the last of the outages for awhile. They come in flurries, you know. Too tired and a little too tipsy to post Goose’n’Gander’s playtime tonight. Damn Gayboy and that actual palateable cheap red wine!

A bath beckons. If you know any good new jokes, share them. Comment away. I’d love a stupid chuckle. :) Thanks. Had good sex lately? Do tell.

Humour us. Indeed, humour the masses in search of filth and dimestore sexual philosophizing who’ve logged in only to find the sloth of a smutress who keeps this rag alive is more intent on bathing with mineral oil than updating this whorey site. In short, appease them. I must bathe. ;)

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