Shop’s Closed fer Schtuppin’

So, as you know, I’ve been sick, sick, sick. And not just in the head. ;)

Not anymore, though. Well, still sick in the head, but hey, you like that sort of thing. I’m not only well, but I have (gasp) endurance.

Anyhow, given the choice of writing or, as a certain someone has stated, being “ridden like a government mule,” what do you think my choice’ll be? So, I’m closing up shop, back on Monday.

Like my sign? But I’d just like to say that I know a certain contingent of my readers consider me the “Singles Poster Girl,” judging from some emails I’ve gotten of late, and while I regret to inform you of the decision to no longer be single for the foreseeable future — (freaky shit’s going down, like making plans not only for two weeks from now, but two months from now… quite strange to my inner-commitmentphobe, really, but I blame him) — I promise, this will not turn into one of those nauseating “how do I love thee” bullshit blogs, nor will I ever be part of a couple’s blog, despite the fact that he’s a quality writer in his own right.

Not to slam couples’ blogs at all, it’s just not my bag. Whatever would I do without my soapbox?

Anyhow, here’s hoping y’all get lucky, too. But unfortunately for you, you don’t get to eat my cookin’ before you do. The Guy’s getting laid, and fed, both exceedingly well. God, I’m a cheap date.

(BTW, the sign’s one I made in Illustrator. Ah, desktop publishing. How fun.)

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