I’ll take two and a side’a yum, please.

Ah, Dilana, you tasty morsel, you.

Isn’t she hot? Maybe she’s not really your type, but the minute she opens her mouth and talks, she hooks you in. On stage, in CBS’s Rockstar: Supernova, she’s a fuckin’ foxy vixen. She’s practically a female Kurt Cobain. She’s just on. This woman’s something fierce, baby.

What’s cool, though, is that she’s got this undeniable stage presence and this almost violent personality up there. She radiates intensity. Sit her down for a chat, and she becomes this incredibly vulnerable and articulate woman. It’s this wonderful, sexy, powerful female dichotomy I really wish could drive this world more. Be strong, be weak, be everything in between. Just be, baby.

There are few women who get me titillated, but she gets a nod. When you think about wanting to be loved, it’s by people who feel as intensely as this woman appears to. Hot. Fuckin’ hot is what that is.

This is the first time in my life I have wasted a precious second or more to spend time voting in a reality show contest. Sigh. The streak is over, kids.

But it was a free vote, at least. Whew.

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