Gettin’ a Groove On

Over the next week or so, I’ll be putting the spit’n’polish on a new template for a new blog that will be the companion blog for my podcast. It is very likely that I will slowly, slowly begin moving my efforts to that blog as opposed to this one.

Let’s talk about that for a minute, but first I want to ask if there’s anyone out there who’d be happy to help me do a couple tweaks that I know will likely be needed on my template, so someone skilled at HTML, and if they would be willing to help merely for the good feeling that comes from helping, since I don’t have the deep pockets to reward such endeavours just now…? Email me if you’re down with helping a girl out. Thanks.

Now, here’s the deal.

No, the podcast will not replace blogging. I will always, always, always want to write, and I will always appreciate an audience, so, yes, I expect I’ll be blogging at the minimum of three times a week. What will be different about the new place, though, is that in addition to usual posts, I’ll also be posting visuals (ie: text docs and photos and such) that give you some insight on where the coming week’s podcast might be going. I won’t be writing posts that tell you what the upcoming content is, but instead I’ll be giving you visuals that should likely clue you in.

My vision for this new place will be reverting closer to the polish and snazz that had defined this blog in its early months. The look and feel will be quite important to me. It’s not going to have flash and shit like that — it’ll be basic, stripped-down, standard-issue Steff. I’m not a high-tech and flashy chick, and my blogs sure as shit won’t be, either. But they’ll be classy, straight-up, and accessible. Just like me.

In addition to that, there are plans to reopen my Cafepress store but with only a few select items, as opposed to the inundation I’d tried before.

So, if you’ve had your heart set on a Spankworthy shirt, stay tuned, ‘cos they’re coming back.

These are the things I plan to accomplish within a month. Yes. You heard me. There’s a deadline. I’m actually hoping to have my first podcast aired on September 7th, but there’s a lot to get done before then. If the podcast airs before the new blog is up, then so be it (but I may not have a place for you to download it from, without, though).

In case you don’t realize, the podcasts are initially being broadcast on, the kind people who’ve bankrolled the whole project. Once they’ve aired there, they revert to being my property, and I can disperse of them as I wish. Which is to say, share them with you.

Anyhow. These are my plans. If you can help with a couple tweaks of my HTML code (which I hope to generate in the next week) then let me know. Thanks! Yep, the day is drawing nigh, folks. Soon, you’ll hear me. God, I’m nervous!

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