Hey, Look! An Election!

As Canadians, most of the people I know were obsessed with the voting returns last night. I applaud the new Democratic House and I’m curious to see what the next couple years will be like. I’m also happy to see a female Speaker of the House. Wow. There’s a neat change in the U.S. Go, Nancy.

As for my father, ICU seems to be the perfect place for him. He’s slowly improving. Had some colour yesterday, and even though he was too weak to communicate much, he had a ferocious grip in his hands and squeezed my brother’s and my hands and looked on us with great affection that still makes me smile now. Who says you need words to know you’re loved? I’ll know more later this week, but I’m optimistic he’ll get past this and I can return to being a happy Steff. Stay tuned.

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