Taking A Couple Days

Maybe my mindset will settle down, but it might not. I’ve gotten a disturbing call, my dad’s in emergency right now. I’d written a posting earlier in October saying I had concerns about my dad’s health. He had festering wounds — weeping ulcers — on his leg, something every diabetic needs to be terrified of developing. They’ve gotten worse, much, much worse, and now there’s a very real prospect of him possibly needing to have his leg amputated to stop the spread, and the news is that the weeping ulcers are omnipresent over his entire lower leg… Not good. Not at all.

I know my father, and while some people might do well adjusting to losing a leg, I know it would be akin to a death sentence for him.

I predicted my mother would die within the year that she died, long before I even knew she had cancer, and, right now, I’m just a little freaked out. Writing’s about the last thing on my mind. But, who knows, writing’s also pretty cathartic for me. Just don’t expect much, is what I’m saying.

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