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Hey, Boys & Girls!

Just checking in to say howdy. Life’s hit the “I’m insane, are you insane?” pre-Christmas madness phase. Tonight’s the only night I have to myself until next Tuesday, and I’m not so sure much writing’s going to happen in the next few days. I’ll pop in, to be sure, so stay tuned. And I’m gonna try, darn it! I’ve been getting life in order — I’ve gotten my Xmas gifts sorted, my house organized, and all that’s left on the to-do list is assembling gifts (which can’t happen until next Thursday) and decorating for the holidays. I need me some Christmas lights!

I have part II of the me-guide to dating tips that I’d like to post, but I want to add a bit more to it before that happens, so I’m holding off. I may have some time to write Friday night as I think my plans aren’t going to happen. (Which is a good thing.)

After that, though, I suspect my condition will be none so good. Three words: Staff Christmas Party. Uh-huh. Yeah, my one time per year that I get unequivocally drunk off my ass. I’ve reserved Sunday for a hang-over.

[record scratches]

Or did I?

No, no, it seems that in my INFINITE wisdom, I have arranged a date for Sunday night. Unlike most dates I go on, I’ve actually talked to this guy for a bit and such, so my fingers are crossed. I’m sure I’ll be tres sexy, tres hot in my hang-over phase. What have I done?

But, yeah, this week and next week: insanity inducing. Oddly, I have Christmas Day all to myself as family things are happening beforehand, and Christmas Eve is my night to celebrate with friends. A strange year this is, indeed.

I’ll be popping in soonish, and I hope to have the dating thingie up with an addendum of WHY DATING GUIDES SUCK to introduce it. Talk about shooting oneself in the foot! But if anyone can shoot to hit, baby, it’s me! I’m deadly at the air-gun “saloon” at the amusement park. Oh, yeah. All those years of lusting after Clint Eastwood as a young girl have paid off handily.

Have a good one, boys and girls. And don’t you go doing something silly, now, like behaving! Tsk!

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