A Quickie Sex Tip for the Girls

In light of yesterday’s posting, a quickie post with a tip that I don’t think will work for men, but I know has worked for me and might work for a lot of other women out there, too. But it might work for men who have difficulties coming with their lovers through oral or manual means, and could be worth a try. (I would think a lot of guys would be premature if they tried a stunt like this, though. Just a thought.)

Before you get ready for a date or evening in which you have plans with a lover that you know will culminate in sex, masturbate to the brink of orgasm, then stop. Leave yourself unsatisfied, and you’ll remain in a heightened state of arousal for the rest of the night, until things start happening with your lover. You can bring him into the fun and games by whispering to him now and then at, say, the dinner party you’re at, or in the movies, and letting him know you’re wet for him already — or even produce evidence by guiding his hand up under your skirt. You probably will be wet if you tease yourself in advance.

From my experience, the orgasm is more powerful and, if I’ve clued him in to let him know how bothered I’ve been all night, it tends to have been more animalistic sex. Also, I’ve always behaved a little more mischievously on those occasions, too. It’s good to be bad.

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