The Food Of Love, Baby: A Tasty Sexipe!

I really think that romance without great food is just a waste of everybody’s time. Really. Love, sex, passion, with… reheated leftovers? Bland boiled dinners? Decarbonated generic brand soda?
Oh, please. Love, sex, passion, they deserve good wine, ripe, succulent fruit, tender meats, chocolates, and oh, so much more! When I think of passion and romance, I think of places that are married to my epicurean fantasies as well — Venice, Tuscany, Paris, ad nauseum.

So it should come as no surprise that I consider breakfast an important skill I’ve learned in my repetoire as a femme d’amour. Hash browns? Got ’em down. Scrambled eggs? Cracked those. Hell, I even make homemade bread these days. Being able to make love, sleep late, and eat the food of love, breakfast, is something high on my list of priorities when it comes to terminating the single thing.

While I cannot live without my eggs and bacon with upscale toast, there are times when practicality can offer a really sensational detour from the norm.

I’m giving you a recipe that I modified and funkified. It’s a sour cream & coffee double-chocolate – chocolate chip banana loaf. Oh, yeah, it’s all that.

But here’s how you make it work. You’ve got the thick, moist slices of this dense, rich banana loaf, and you serve it with a really enchanting assortment. Maybe some slices of whiskey-infused cheddar, or a candied-ginger white stilton, some ripe strawberries, a few blueberries, some mango, something exotic like dragonfruit, fresh vodka-soaked pineapple (good morning!), and lime-drizzled slices of pear, and you slice it all up and arrange it on a couple platters. You have a carafe of coffee, and presto, you have some pretty tasty contentment.

The spread’s designed to be picked at and enjoyed over the course of a morning or early afternoon. Lie around and play board games or with each other, nibbling when a pang strikes you.

This recipe made a little less than my altered end version makes (originally 1 large loaf versus two medium loaves now) and didn’t have as much banana or chocolate in it, and no coffee, so I decided to make everything right with the universe and decided to take it to some new places. It’s moist and it’s better on the second day, so make it before you get together. I think it’s relatively idiot proof, so have at it!

I recommend this as a Valentine’s weekend-spread item. Takes 10 minutes to prepare!
Steff’s Sour Cream & Coffee
Double-Chocolate – Chocolate-Chip Banana Loaf

Preheat oven to 350.

In a big bowl:

1/2 cup margarine or butter
1 c. sugar
2 eggs.

Cream these ingredients with a blender or mixer until all fluffy-like.

Mix in:

The flesh of 4 mashed bananas (the blacker the ‘nana’s, the bettah)
2 teaspoons vanilla

Get it really well mixed.

In another bowl, combine:

3 tablespoons dark, bitter cocoa
2 cups unbleached flour
2 teaspoons baking soda

Add 1/2 cup sour cream (lowfat works!) to the banana/moist mixture.
Add 1/4 cup dark coffee (I used leftovers from my French press. Dredges.).
Mix well.

Add dry mix to the moist mix, and combine only until all the flour is mixed in. (The less you mix, the fluffier the loaf. More you mix, the heavier and tougher.)

Add 1/2 – 1 cup of chocolate chips, and mix. (Again, easy on the mixing!)

Split batter into two well-buttered 9×5 inch loaf pans. Bake at 350 for 40 – 50 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean.

This is crazy moist, and only gets better the second day. I sprinkle the tops of my loaves with more chips before I put it in the oven. It’s a nice touch. And if you want to make it ever nicer, just sprinkle the slices with icing sugar before serving.

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