"And after death, still we will not part…"

Found deep in the rubble of Italy’s northern city Mantova were the remains of a couple who’ve spent the last five millenium locked in a passionate embrace.

Look at how their legs are intertwined, and their eyes still locked on each other after all these thousands of years.

Writers and artisans everywhere will be lost in wondering just what the circumstances behind this remarkable archeological find might have been.

The couple walked the earth at the birth of what would become Egypt’s three-millenium domination of Africa. Far removed from Egypt, they were living more than 2,000 years before the Roman Empire would rise from that city-state of the 9th century BC.

There are those who will tell you that love/marriage, as we know it, didn’t really come to be until just a couple centuries ago, during the Victorian era, when people began to marry for love and not for dowries nor for empires.

And this would seem to suggest that, no, love, in fact, is as old as civilization itself.

Or at least that’s what I’m choosing to believe. What a sensational archaeological find, and only a week before Valentine’s Day. Top that, Hallmark, you prissy bitches.

(Other stories now report that this couple is being referred to as “The Lovers of Valdaro”, and a day has passed since I wrote this, despite only posting it this morning, and my mind keeps wandering back to it. This story gave an interesting guess as to how the couple came to meet the afterlife in this pose.)

Original story was here.

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