Yes! Yes! He’s Fine! Doh — Bad Steff.

Bloody hell, people. I’m sorry! I forgot to update you.

All right. My coworker’s husband pulled through. He had been tragically ill years ago and his adrenal gland has never really worked since. Thus, if he gets ill at all, bad things can happen — or so they’ve now discovered.

The doctors told him late Saturday night that his blood pressure was so abysmally low for so long that they felt he couldn’t survive it. Then, suddenly, presto! He began to improve. They’d given him nine bags of saline in the first day, and pumped him full of some form of adrenaline.

He’s been lickin’ the curb all week with zero energy, and the wife’s had the flu and a stomach bug. We chatted today and she complained how she’d been wanting to go to the hotsprings over spring break. I suggested her and the hubby get out and shop for some nice foods, have some breakfast, go for a walk, and hire a maid to clean the house top to bottom while they have a relaxing morning. Then they could be homebodies all week and rest up. She loved the notion, so it looks like a plan.

It was apparently one hell of a weekend, though! Monday she told me he had originally wanted to go to work and she told him what a fucking idiot he was, heh, so he stayed home. We told the story to another woman and she commented, “Men! They won’t go to a doctor, but they’ll go to work!”


Oh! And if he ever even gets the sniffles again? He’s to immediately go to emergency. Apparently he’s left with nil as far as an immune system goes. Sucky, to understate things drastically.

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