A Sad Day

My condolences go to anyone from Virginia Tech.

I deal with grief with humour sometimes and can be wholly inappropriate, but it gets me through. I had a few things to say on the other blog about the terrible shooting. It’s a pity the gunman is dead. I happen to think the whole Mussolini Method’s a great way to send evil fuckers to the grave: Hang ’em in the own square and let the villagers flog the corpse. That way you save money on everyone’s therapy and the villagers get a little exercise.

But, really, a terrible thing. And I’m already curdling at the thought of how the NRA’s going to spin this as “all the more reason to carry a pistol”, and some people will almost certainly be left in agreement. Me, I’d rather we do the Dead Milkmen take on Rodney King and “Can’t we all just smoke a bong?” I say we bring back the love-in, man. We could all use a little more love on a night like tonight. Let’s hope you’re getting yours.

It’s a big bad sad world out there some days. But on the upside, sometimes you lose a camera and a perfect stranger turns it in. Don’t forget, there’s good out there too, no matter what some fucker like this wants you to believe. Don’t let ’em convince you. Believe in good.

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