The Filthy Boys Next Door

We’re hatching a theory. GayBoy and I, a theory. Wait’ll you hear this.

Now, if you’ve been doing your homework and checking in regularly, you know that I’ve written of late about my new neighbours. I’ve seen them in various states of undress, in all their glorious full frontalness (albeit briefly), as well as even fucking and giving each other head. Yes, they’re gay. Probably somewhere around 20, maybe as late as 25 years old.

So, GayBoy, as soon as he arrives yesterday, beelines to the large sliding glass door that leads to my patio and the yields a direct view of their apartment, about 100 feet across the alley and one floor down. The view’s good, but not that good. It’s too distant to make out the faces very well, and it’s hard to get the lighting right with the angles, et al.

One of the guys was seated at the computer in the living room, reclining, naked. The other was wandering around with ridiculously low-slung jeans and his washboard abs. (It occurs to me that this must sound too good to be true, but I shit you not.)

It’s weird, because they keep the windows open all the time and they’re always having sex or just hanging around nekkid, usually at least one is on the computer, often naked. I haven’t been home much, and when I have, my place has been a shithole and I’ve been keeping my blinds drawn so I haven’t been watching the Guy Cam much of late. But now I’m curious because of what GayBoy suggested yesterday…

“Maybe they’re webcamming. Maybe they’re doing porn on the net.”

Me, I just had ’em chalked up as exhibitionists. You know, kids in their early 20s rebelling against the anti-gay society by fucking like fiends with the blinds wide open. Rebels with a cause, you know? But that’s the romantic in me.

GayBoy, however, is a business-oriented cynic with a penchant for the opportunistic, so it’s natural the webcamming pornmaster roomie scenario would conjure in his dirty little mind.

It’s all so new and strange, this open-living style of life… a couple kids proud of who they are and no shame. It’s very, very sexy and cool. It’s refreshing in this protectionist society we live in, where everyone’s getting freaked out about getting Googled and there’s so much more consequence attached to our every little move… it’s refreshing to see people living out loud without apologies. It’s a little brazen and weird, and if I had kids, I’d be pissed. But I don’t have kids. So this is good.

What do you think? Are they webcam pornmasters? Are they just defiant young men? Are they digusting bastards who should respect others’ rights to an open view? Where does personal right get trumped by the collective right? What else do you wanna comment on?

By the way, happy belated Canada Day, Canada.

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