Oh, Hey, Look! A BLOG!

Hey, good people. I’m one day away from 10 days off, and boy am I excited. I have a lot planned for my time off, but mostly I just intend to do What I Want To Do. A lot’s rushing through my head, and I can tell you about none of it right now, but hopefully soon I can share.

In the meantime, I’m making notes about things I want to write about. Lately I’ve been so overtired that I just don’t have the creativity to sit down and write — I was pretty sick last week and was hangin’ on by a thread. This week I’m just Getting Shit Done so I can relax when I’m off.

I was reading the news this morning, though, and saw a great story on the BBC. An American study, it seems, says that more than half the people surveyed in a large poll were still getting laid into their 70s, and almost 30% of people polled still had an active sex life in their 80s.

Which has someone like me, whose sex life has recently become the Sahara, thinking there’s hope for the future. (Snicker.)

First on tap for the next week are some stories about the absolutely horribly weird mix of first dates I’ve had in the last year. Ever get the sense that the universe has you perma-starring on candid camera? Wait’ll you hear about the date I had with Pimp Man. That’s one for the record books.

But I’ve been holding back A LOT about my life for the last year and now I say fuck it. I’m gonna tell you just how last year’s relationship came apart, more of the details, I’m gonna revisit some of the happenings and put my “older, wiser” spin on things. I’m over the sense of being nice to others and keeping things private right now. You get involved with a writer, a writer who openly admits to having a sex blog, well, you gotta expect some divulging, eh?

So, stay tuned. I’m challenging myself to write every day on my holiday. That starts Saturday. Thanks for bearing with me. :)

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