The Demon Box Redux

I have this disconcerting feeling that my television set has somehow become connected to the cosmos. Lately, often, when I’m watching something, some dramatic and terrifying moment will be ensuing and I’ll suddenly hear sirens blasting past my place.

Like a couple nights ago, I was watching Chris Haddock’s gritty Intelligence as the camera pans over this bullet-riddled corpse splayed across the street. Insert dramatic orchestral strings and cue sirens.

Just now, the not-supposed-to-be-that-big space shuttle starts misfiring as it’s hurtled towards space, and Superman steps out of the bar, thumping chase-scene dramatic music begins to swell and cue sirens.

It’s just weird. Weird, weird, weird. And I just put new batteries in my remote, too. Dude, those are some Duracells!

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