Thus the Tease Begins…

Labour Day weekend is a very strange time of year for me. Historically, some pretty Big Fucking Deals have come down on the last real weekend of summer. I’ve nearly died twice, for instance. So, you know, I’m sort of emphasizing the word “big” there. It’s like the dog days of summer trip some biological Change Thy Life switch in my dusty old noggin, and it’s amazing the things that have transpired in the early days of September every year or two.

Now, don’t look, but it’s apparently Labour Day weekend once again. Whatever can this mean? Change is afoot? Why, mysteries never cease. Only time will tell, dear minions.

It occurs to me that we’re all one of two kinds of people. Either we believe one can never go home, or we believe one can always go home. Me, I believe the latter. The neighbourhood I grew up in never locked the doors. So while I believe one can always return home, I also believe it’s wise to expect someone might’ve moved the furniture before your return, y’know?

I sorta digress. With any luck, the repercussions of this weekend’s happenings might also be the kind of thing I can look back upon down the road and know was a catalyst for the start of great times. At least, that’s the hope I now have.

Whatever am I talking about, you wonder? Well, like all secret double agents, I’m not yet at liberty to say.

Soon, though, my minions. Very, very soon. After all, I’ve only really made my decision today. Exciting. Exciting!