Why, is this a Friday I see before me?

I feel like that old woman in The Princess Bride who shouts down the princess bride in the centre of the square. Boo! BOOOOO! Hiss! That’s the story of me and my computer.

I’ve barely had the motherfucker on. I log on to Facebook or any other place that uses lots of cookies and shit, and presto — virus appears in the form of a trojan. I’m smart, I use Firefox, yet it still will cause IE to open and shower me with shitty websites.

And I’m no dumb girlie, either. I know my way around Hijack This, have downloaded all the so-called fixes, checked all the goddamned geek sites via Googling the names, etc. Yet still. I clean some 20 or 30 infections off this bitch each day and still they return.

I know I’m irresistable, but this is highly unnecessary.

I’m on the verge of Calling Professionals. Soon I’ll arrange for them to come by and save my persecuted ass.

In the meantime, you need to wait until I’ve sunny enough a disposition to battle friend and foe to make my way through this muddled web of mine and post a thingie or two on Blogger.

Fortunately for you, I’ve just that sort of disposition on this fine Indian summer Friday eve. I’m keeping to myself with a $9 fancy-ass ribeye steak I’m about to grill and indulge in a bottle of a 2003 Chilean shiraz. The phone goes to ignore. Then I have to decide whether I feel like watching the torrid tale of Rome or if I’m feeling smug and anti-establishmentish and want to watch Thank You For Smoking.

Hmm, indeed.

So, the weekend, a four-day week, and I change jobs. Giggle.

You have no idea how good it fucking feels to realize that I’m at the mercy of MY decision right now. I have taken control of my life. One little decision and my world has 180’d. Cool.

And I was all dodgy about quitting, thinking it’d mean I was losing a week of pay this month. Ooh, could I handle it? Penny-pinch? Know what? Everywhere I turn, there’s money. I’m not losing a week of pay; I’m gaining one! My paycheques are staggered. :) Then I got my medical money back, and something else came, etc, etc.

Things are headed in precisely the right direction, and now, to top all that off, it’s Friday!

Tomorrow I’m cleaning house and shopping for obscure foodie treats at all the proper culinary shops here in town. Hell, I might even make some bread. There’s some socializing, etc. I may play it solo this weekend. Madness ensues for another four days, but I’m having a party next weekend so things’ll get fun in a hurry.

Life, in short, is good. I’m really, really looking forward to all the things coming down my path, whether it’s tomorrow, Tuesday, or two months from now, things look like they’re gonna get fun ‘cos I know *I* am definitely getting fun to be around. It’s a beautiful thing.

Have a bitchin’ weekend, minions. Lord knows that’s my plan. And fuck you, Virtumonde, Fotomodo, and all your cunty little trojan friends! :)

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