Status de la Steff

Slog, slog, slog. Squish, squish, squish. There goes the work week.

I’ve got a day left and it’ll be a chore, but I know I’ll be done at 5. I know I’ll have the energy to conjure a quick snack (soup’n’sammich, both homemade and upscale, but a real treat when I’m in a rush!), the smarts to have a primer drink, and the enthusiasm to go back downtown via transit, drink the night away, and enjoy a live show, and get my ass home around 3ish, if it all works out right.

Why? Because it’s that kind of a job. Gr-r-r-r-reat! So, even though the day itself will be frustrating and tense, I get to leave when I wanna leave. This is good. Beats the shit out of working until 7:30 on a Friday night and being too drained to take my ass off the couch… much the story of the last few months.

This past week, I’ve still been sick. Today I woke up feeling a million bucks, and had an all right day even though it’s been hard, but I’m still less sick than I was. This is good. Change is good.

My scooter, however, is sick. Poor scootie. It’s putt-putting up hills and making me feel like a victim waiting to happen as it chokes up at certain angles and loses 35% of its power with traffic hot on my ass like I’m showering in prison. Methinks it’s the carburator needing to be cleaned. If you’re a motorbike geek and know that answer, lemme in on it. It’s taking 10 minutes to warm up. This is new. This is bad. I feel all pathetic. The one thing that always rocked about my scooter is that it stormed the hills. Never lost power.VrrrOOOOm. But now, pUtt-pUtt. Ugh. So uncool. And unsafe. And ungood. So un.

So, is it the carburator? Gotta be, right?* Could probably change out the spark plug, too, eh? All of $2 to eliminate that possibility. Better than the $100 cleaning dealie for the carb. Cursed putt-putt.

Anyhow. Hey, look: It’s a weekend! Wow! I’ve always wanted one just like it! Gosh, thanks! And you have one too? Swell! Let’s both enjoy them, then!

(*The Fine Print: The Tech Shit. It’s a Yamaha Vino, 2003, classic edition, 2-strokes, 49cc, never been modified save for removal of the restriction washer in the muffler. Top speed was 65 km for the longest time, but I’m at 23,000km and around 17,000km it started going a little slower. in the last 1,500km, it’s really began to bog down on hills and such. Sounds like it’s groaning a bit. Top speed now is about 55km, and I can bog down for up to about 40 blocks from home after warming up 3 minutes before leaving, and bog down so I’m choking at 30km/hr up hills I ascended at 50 last month. After about 50 blocks, it gets more comfortable and performs a bit better, but it’s still compromised. There, is that more informative? Is it the carburator? Never cleaned it since I owned it, and I’ve had it since Sept. ’04, so 21,000km of the 23,500 it has now.)

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