From Here to Infinity

I’m a big believer in starting with the little stuff and just going with it when it comes to writing because, like building a snowman, it can be surprising as hell when you see it take shape.

I was doing just that just now, writing about the weather and the fact that I’m all cushy, blogging from my big-ass 1830s camelback armchair on my laptop for the first time ever… had it for more than three years and only finally afforded wireless hardware this weekend. Money’s been that tight for that long.

‘Course, I never had the best of priorities, either, but let’s face it, I lost a lot of work over several years, what with several accidents, and insane amounts of illness and injury, and I’ve just never had throwaway money or cash for indulgences.

Until now. Now things are starting to change.

See, I had gotten to this point just now, writing, and it hit me that my (recent/past) lack of money is what’s been keeping me from trying to date. Sure, you scoff when I say “well, I have nothing to wear” but you fail to realize I’m telling the truth. No matter what I do of late, I feel like a loser, and I know there’s only one reason for that: I hate my clothes.

Everything either doesn’t fit right — too tight, too loose — or else it’s thread-bare or torn or about to come apart, and it shows. I’m not saying I need to be wearing Prada, but I need to not look like I just don’t care… and right now, it looks like I don’t care. The truth, however, is anything but.

If there is nothing else I am, I am proud. I’m a fierce, strong, fighting woman, and I’ve got attitude, edge, and personality. I am not a woman who should look frumpy, nor dishevelled, nor out-of-size.

I deserve to match externally to what I feel internally. It isn’t that I don’t have taste, I just haven’t had money, and I’ve not really bought anything new, now, for about 2 years. All I’ve gotten of late is used shit that I must’ve been smoking crack to buy because I can’t get how I thought it worked. One shirt’s like 3 times too big for me, but I fucking love the colour. I’ll never, ever wear it, of course, because a good breeze might pick me up and launch me into a America’s Cup-calibre sail across the Pacific, but I’m making a mental note that wine apparently doesn’t just taste good, but looks divine on me.

I have whittled my wardrobe down over the the last three or four years and there’s been more and more gradually turfed until I got down to what was the essential to keep. Now it’s imperative I replace it all because it’s been in heavy rotation longer than I thought it would be.

But I’m seriously at that point now where I feel I look so awful in everything I wear that I just don’t want to go out anymore. I don’t want to date or meet people. I don’t want to be social. The first day I bought my new coat and pants, I ‘dressed up’ and went for a walk and coffee for no other reason than to be seen. I do like to be admired. I want to feel sexy. I know I can work it. I wanna work it. Lemme work it!

I mean, I had this epiphany moment when I watched “What Not To Wear” on the weekend and Stacy London said something to the effect that it was a terrible thing that someone should allow their clothes to hinder them from experiencing life.

…clothes! Wow. Yes, what a terrible, stupid, dumb thing.

And sitting here, now, in this big-ass chair on a Wet Coast night as I listen to the splish-splash of cars cutting through cascading rivers of rain and snow on the street nearby, I’m filled with a weird contentment that hits me as this — this simple act of being able to type on a laptop, online, in my living room in the ambient silence — is the actualization of one of the goals I’ve had for three or more years now.

And it’s just a start. I can’t wait to see what happens when I can buy a few new pieces of clothing that make me feel like the cool fucking chick I know I am inside. It’s been a long time, and the woman I am now is a whole world away from the girl I was before this endless parade of adversity came beating down my door. I’ll be dressing a woman this time. No girl anymore. And someone who’s got her insecurities in check, and now wants to show off areas she’d always hidden. I’m ready, man.

It’s nice to be ending a year with such a feeling of optism about where the next year might be headed. I’ve no idea what the map heading says, but I think I’ll like the direction.

Now… time to head off in the rain-snow mix and help my friend decorate his Christmas tree as we smoke some ganja and eat a ridiculous amount of tacos before we watch Heroes. May you find a little optimism in your night, too, minions. Have a kick-ass Tuesday.

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