Just Taking A Moment… Venting on Nancy Grace

Okay, I just need to vent: What the fuck is wrong with Nancy Grace anyhow? Like, it’s not enough that news is news… there’s always that stupid fucking card at the bottom of the screen that reads– no, not “news”, but “URGENT NEWS”. Yes, all caps.

Jesus. And it’s of a story about an 82-year-old grandma who got Tasered. Shitty, hard to believe, moronic, and a sign of the times, but is it really “urgent”? Does a huge massing of concerned citizens mean she’ll somehow become unTasered? Is there a pressing concern for society at large? Like, “Ohmigod, I gotta get home before I’m Tasered!” Something like that?

Well, then it’s not “urgent”, then, is it? No. It’s really just another day of news. Not that sexy, then, is it? But news hardly needs to be sexy. It just needs to be new. Kinda is what it is. Funny how much the media manages to complicate that. If it’s new, tell us. If it’s important, tell us. But don’t fucking sell it to us. Just report the facts. Just the facts, ma’am. Like the story goes.

Anyhow, just to clear it up for the thick-headed types who can’t separate my opinion from the meat of that sad-ass story: I am completely opposed to the Tasering of 82-year-old women. I mean, what kinda cop are you that you can’t settle an 82-year-old woman down without having to risk inducing heart attacks? Gimme an M! Gimme an U! An S! And gimme a C! An L! And an E! Fuck, man. Get a real job, right? So, BOO and HISS to the dumb fuckin’ cops, but Nancy Grace deserves dollop of common sense– no, brains, period– as well. Urgent my ass.

And people wonder why the public in the know is getting their news from the ‘net.

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