MINIONS! Update on Le Steff

HEY, world! It’s been several days since I last posted, and though I’ve not really got the time to share with you this morning, I’ll race through a quickie, because god knows I can’t leave you without time wastage for work on Monday, eh?

Welcome to week one of the Steff plan for total world domination… or at least taking back my life.

I spent my weekend getting myself on page for new happenings. I’m still not 100% ready to face the year before me, but I’m sure as hell getting there. I’ve gutted my place and I’m maybe two full days of work away from having this place look the way I’ve always wanted it. I’ve purge 20% of the belongings from my living area, and now, when my hallway has been emptied of the towers of crap I’m either selling or donating, then I have other closets and my bedroom to contend with.

I’m a firm believer that, if your home is in chaos, no matter what you do in your life, your life, too, will be chaotic. I’m reclaiming my life from the top down.

This week I now need to get back on page with diet and exercise, thanks to a) having bronchitis since Christmas, and b) having all the food baskets sent my way for holiday gifts, I can assure you there’s no diet left in my life, and I sure as hell haven’t been doing yoga. That changes tonight and tomorrow, though.

Saturday was all about me. Got treated like a goddess for my first real salon hairstyling in the last two years, thanks to perenially being broke off my ass before now. I bought two awesome, cute, trendy pairs of sneakers I love. And I went out all on my own to the movies and to write in a coffee shop. I flirted with a couple strangers, and had a pretty nice night without anyone’s company.

This getting-back-to-myself is happening a lot quicker than I would have thought. The haircut and shoes, you know, great start. As is returning to my old loves of writing in coffee shops, browsing bookshops, and wandering the streets at night.

Next weekend’s another leap of faith, as I institute the “getting social” part of my life back into full swing. Nice to see my master plan’s coming along nicely. I’ll try to write a more guided posting on what my actual plan of attack is in the next week or so, for anyone else wanting to change their lives from the top down.

Meanwhile… work beckons. Hope I’ve successfully wasted 3.4 minutes of your workday. Have fun with that. :)