Of Tight Jeans and Libido

Geez! Would someone open a window in here? I can barely breathe!

Oh… it’s my new jeans. It’s a wonder any blood’s circulating at all. Whew! They look great, though. And I’m going to lose weight, right? So. But yowzas. I’m not sure wearing these out for breakfast with new people is the wisest choice today.

But they look great. And are highly motivating for a gym visit after brekkie.

Speaking of which, places to be, people to see, things to eat. Kinda in that order, too. But here’s something I wrote a couple days ago and forgot to post. :)


Something pretty remarkable has started to happen. I’m actually getting my libido back.

It’s one thing to watch some steamy part of a movie, say, and experience all those familiar twinges and urges, but it’s quite another to for that to occur when you’re on a crowded bus and you see some twinkle in some guy’s eye.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked at someone, anyone, and had dirty, dirty thoughts of things I could do to them. Like, forever and a day, really.

The thought of my lack of libido was almost as depressing as the depression itself was for a while there. It’s sad when you find nothing hot enough that you have to shift because that sudden twitch is a little overwhelming and needs some kinda itching. I wasn’t trying to do anything to get it back, though. I figured it made my life simpler to not be missing sex. God knows missing it can be hell.

This week I’ve been starting to have Moments again. Nice.

I doubt that had I been involved with someone still that my libido would’ve taken the sabbatical it’s been on, but I think the body has a way sometimes of protecting you from yourself. Maybe when you have other worries and concerns and just don’t feel like getting hurt, your body tries to remove an element from the equation to keep things simpler. Maybe. Certainly seems that way to me, seeing the rather convenient return this particular week when I’m finally plugging into the moi of old.

Whatever the case, I grinned pretty wildly when I had a particularly enticing little sudden visual of myself corning this one hottie on the bus and doing the classic up-against-the-wall knee-shaking loin-pressing deep, deep kiss. And groping, lots of groping. I’m a sucker for some of the classic moves like that. Never had an against-the-wall kiss fail me yet. Definitely my ace in the hole.

Ah, where there are fantasties, reality can’t be far behind. Gotta love the new year and the brimming of optimism.

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