A Little Politics on the Eve of the Much-Hyped Super Tuesday

I get American politics, but I don’t get American politics. I mean, it just seems like it’s so much work to be democratic in the USA. (I mean small-D democratic, not big D.)

You people have to vote all the goddamned time. Tomorrow, here we go again, another big American vote. Jesus Christ. How about voting on election day and only election day? I’m a big fan.

I just wanted to say this to my American friends: Enjoy this while it lasts. This is about to be the most interesting presidential race in three, maybe four decades. Everyone around the world is watching you.

We’re inspired by the choice available to you. (Except the creationist, Huckabee. Not again.)

The thing we, the rest of the world, sort of think about America is that a) it wants to be the biggest country in the world, and be needed by everybody but b) hates it when we pick on ’em.

So, here’s the deal. Americans wanted to be the biggest, most important country in the world… well, now they are. So now when it appears the USA is coming apart at its seams –the Fed is slashin’ rates like it’s a Boxing Day sale, new jobless rate hikes last month are a “surprise” even to the fearmongering economists out there, and a war that just keeps droning on and on while more people die and more money’s spent…

…Now is when we, the rest of the world, want to remind Americans: You are the most important. The health of your country isn’t just relevant to you, it’s relevant to me, and possibly billions and billions of others. You are the most important country in the world. Your democracy is a precious asset that people around the world would weep to receive. Your economy profoundly affects much of the world. You cannot let Bush’s legacy be longstanding. His work, almost all of it, needs to be undone by people with bigger visions and greater accountability.

I’m not going to say who I want to win, because I like both Clinton and Obama, and, hell, liked Edwards too. I know this is just a primary, the whole Super Tuesday deal, but it’s the start of when Americans get to push their agendas and demand politicians discuss issues with the levity and insight required to run The Most Powerful Country on Earth.

I’m not saying Canada’s voting record is anything to be proud of, it’s not. It’s disgusting. But what’s more disgusting is the voting record for the country that stands as the poster child for freedom. What would happen if 90% of Americans showed up on voting day? What would happen if 90% of Americans were truly invested in changing, growing, and improving the country? Wow. That’d be an America I’d love to see.* I mean, nothing like having the affluent and white deciding all the issues for the country. How about all classes, all income brackets stand up and get votes counted in the Most Powerful Country on Earth? Let’s stop empowering the already powerful, and start spreading it around. All starts with a simple little vote.

*It’d be a Canada I’d love to see, too, if we all got a little more involved in issues that shape who we are.

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