Can We Move On? Stupid, Stupid Media

I don’t get into the whole cult of celebrity thing much because I think we give them a little too much attention. They’re doing a job. When the cameras shut off, leave ’em alone. Those are my thoughts.

But I’m gonna comment on two things.

One: Ohmigod, no, Heath Ledger went to a drug party? GASP. I think the more surprising news, given that he was a major celebrity, would have been he went to a party that didn’t have drugs. Come on! Rich, famous people do drugs. Not all of them, but if you’re at a party, there’s gonna be drugs, man.

Apparently he fesses up to smoking five dubes a day. Oh, wow, you evil pot smoker. Okay, smoking five joints a day, about the biggest crime against humanity you’re going to commit is forgetting to return disc four of The Wire to the DVD shop, man. Get serious. If that’s Ledger’s definition of “serious” drug use, I’d say the kid deserved a medal. Pfft.

And CNN’s marketing the shit out of it as “the mysterious death of Heath Ledger.” Uh-huh. For about, what, three or four more days, until the coroner weighs in. Christ. I’m still hoping for a heart defect that explains his persistent insomnia before his death.

Let’s wait and see, rather than speculating the shit out of it. And this is why my journalism degree is naught but a sheet of paper. I can’t stand the bullshit deemed “important” by big-biz media today.


Two: Britney Spears.

Okay, we’ve established that she’s lost her fucking nut. Know what? In my darkest hours, had cameras been everywhere, I’d have been a real fuckin’ case, too. Nothing like Spears, no doubt, but enough that I’d feel awkward if anyone saw the video.

I suspect the majority of us have moments when we’ve been fuckwits, and most of us lucked out and had our most shining moments before cell phones equipped with video cameras were a standard and YouTube became some new rite of passage.

Just give the woman some goddamned space and let her get her shit together. She was a Mouseketeer who killed the perfect relationship with Justin Timberlake, only to spiral down to the lowly KFed realm, then began to look bad against him as her career tanked post-Madonna kiss, and she lost her kids to the gold-digging, absolutely unemployed Federline.

Um, yeah, nuts isn’t a big surprise. Now let’s encourage the media to back the fuck off. I read the stories because I’m hoping for good news. I’m pulling for her.

Can’t stand her music and I’m not a fan, doubt I’ll ever be… but I’m pulling for her. No one deserves that 24/7-pulic-eye shit when they’re going through the darkest period of their lives. No one says “Hey, I wanna sing songs… and, sure, why don’t you record my every breath as my life comes apart at the seams and I lose everything I ever wanted, in, oh, nine years?”

Fuck, man. Anyone wonders why everyone likes the media, but no one ever trusts it? Go figger.

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