Stupid Girls Suck

For some bizarre reason I dreamed most of the night about a hullabaloo raising in my childhood town because news reports were saying how authorities were planning to arrest Paris Hilton for defrauding the public by having a fake guru.

I don’t remember how it all shook down. It was a very weird dream. And now it’s Monday and I have to work.

Speaking of Paris, I saw a snippet of a report on the weekend about how all of a sudden there’s this screaming fear that Britney and Paris are turning “our girls” into “bimbos.”

What, now? I’ve been saying this for three years, for Christ sakes. One of my most popular postings was on that very topic. One’s here. Another’s here.

A lot of girls today suddenly think their looks are all that will get them anywhere in life. Like brains are some kind of option, like having extra cheese on your pizza or something. You could go there, but why would you? Brains are so much work! Far better to show some cleavage and skip the work thing.

And this is not a little problem. This is a huge problem. This is a problem that threatens much of the progress we’ve made in the feminist struggle over the last century, from the suffragette battles to get us the vote all the way up to us finally having a candidate for the top job in America.

Equality’s still a difficult road on which we have to travel. This unsettling trend of being STUPID because it’s EASIER is pissing me the fuck off. Boobs do not compensate for brains. Boobs are nice to have, but they don’t compensate for brains.

And just because some of the MEN out there are stupid enough to go dumbing yourself down for does not mean it’s a good notion. The odds are pretty good that those dumb guys who WANT a stupid girl don’t deserve any woman who doesn’t need to be inflated before a date.

Yes, some men get intimidated by brains. My dating landscape is littered with them. So what? I’d rather they litter by landscape than choke up my life.

The trouble is, too many guys LIKE this shit, and the guys who don’t aren’t speaking loud enough.

I know for a fact most of the guys I’ve been with or known can’t stand chicks like that. The guys I’ve been with always dig chicks like Janeane Garofalo or Sarah Silverman. Sassy, smart, and trouble. Kinda like me, really. It’s too bad I’m so into freedom of speech, because sometimes I’d really like to limit some others’. Sigh.

Oh, I don’t have any more rant in me. I’ve got exercises to do. Enjoy your Mondays, minions.

PS: I’m happy to report my home is beginning to look like a home… But I’m going slowly. I’m being way too methodical in the reorienting of my home. Last night I bought a shiny new toolbox for the first time ever, and even went so far as to separate out and organize all my screws and nails. Yeah. Scary. Everything I’m doing is that detailed, though. I’m getting it right so I don’t have to fuck around with it later. :) But soon I’ll be done and then I’ll buy camera batteries and everyone can see how sexy my place is.

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