There’s Good Guys,Then There Are Asses Like This

Tonight’s all about cleaning my apartment and doing a little Thai cooking, so I’m just posting an email from a friend of mine.

I’m opting out of online dating for a while. My focus this month is killer workouts so I can go shopping for some hot new clothes next month, then I’ll start playing the dating game the old-fashioned way. After all, this little anecdote gives one a bit of pause:

You should write about this DB! Guy is a friend from high school. Saw his pic was from and I asked him about it. Here is what he replied back to me. Let’s call him Douche for short.

I signed up a couple months ago, Ive got a lineup of 65 chicks what want to date me, I dont have the time or energy for them all, Had one ofer last night , Nailed her 5 times then gave her the boot, might have another one tonite and ive got chicks booked for Sunday and Monday allreasdy. Its sickening how easy it is.

Anyone want to share some thoughts or experiences of these kinds? Hmm?

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