A Great Link for Anyone Like Me

Anyone who’s been following my blog knows I’ve lost about 40 pounds so far this year from old-fashioned grunt work. I’ve done it all myself — no weightloss organizations, no trainers, no diet plans, no fancy workout equipment purchased, and not even having a gym membership.

Yeah, I’m proud of myself. Rightly so.

But some support along the way would have been nice. So I’m thrilled it’s not too late to find that support, since I have another 50 pounds I wish to lose. I’ve found LiveStrong.com, a website begun by biking’s golden boy, Lance Armstrong, which is an incredible community filled with lots of articles and education divided into easy-to-navigate sections like “Eat Well” and “Be Active” and “Stay Young” and “Find Balance.

There’s a wildly active forum community. Every member gets a profile. There’s ways of measuring your calories, fitness, and means of tracking everything about your life. There’s “groups” where microcommunities with similar goals amass, and there’s “Dares” where you choose a challenge to strive towards, like “Quit smoking” or “Lower my blood pressure”, and really useful programs for tracking and improving your effort on a daily basis.

Did I mention the whole thing is free?

Any place like this I’ve seen on the web that has been free has looked like a fucking Mickey Mouse operation. This is sleek, like something like Nerve.com or Lavalife.com. Beautiful system.

It’s in Beta now, and if you’re like me and can’t afford these places like The Biggest Loser Club where they want you spending $20 a month or whatever, check it out, but make sure you tell them the “free” thing is important to you.

As I explained in a glowing letter I wrote them, “Health is too important for it always to be about industry. Someone has had to stand up and say, ‘Every body deserves to be healthy, no matter what their income’. And it looks like that was Lance.”

If you join, speak up, let them know. Support their advertisers so the free-thing can continue. But, mostly, just live strong. That’s my plan. I’ve got two hours of cycling in 25/85 degree heat today… and I’m pretty pleased about it, because I live strong! :)

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