Kickin’ Ass & Takin’ Names: Back in Black!

I cycled to and from work for the first time in three weeks today. Three weeks today it felt like I’d blown it out a little. The next day, Thursday, I couldn’t even hold a fork. So, no cycling in three weeks, and today 24 clicks. A little kamikaze of me, yes, but that’s me being me. ;)

My hand feels pretty damned good, surprisingly. The wrist-flex weightlifting work I’ve been doing has been paying off. As have the stairs, which I’m still doing 25 floors/650 steps on. Cycling ascents are suddenly much easier. I’d think that cycling 100 clicks a week would dramatically improve my cardio, but the stairs just kick my fucking ass every time I climb them. Nothing else compares for sheer leave-it-on-the-floor capacity.

I guess that’s why god made mountains to cycle, huh? Even still, you gotta work to get down the stairs, not cycling down a mountain, that’s just free riding. Awesome, but not work. The stairs take four minutes to descend and are crazy calf-muscle sculptors. My calves finally look ripped when I flex ’em. Whoop!

You know, I had cellulite last winter, but not no more. Alllll gone. Smooth skin remains. My thighs don’t rub together anymore. Nothing jiggles anymore. Life’s tough, baby. I’m going to weigh myself in the next couple days for the first time in 3 weeks, but I suspect nothing much has changed, since I was pretty bad for a week or so there. Gotta be bad sometimes. (Chocolate-chip peanut butter muffins! Shudder.) I’ll be bitter if I haven’t held to 35 pounds lost though. And I’d be surprised. Maybe in the morning I’ll kill the curiosity. God knows I’m not weighing myself at night!

Next week’s a week of adventuring, exercise, breaking in some new scooter engine parts on stupid-long unnecessary sunny spring country rides, sleep-ins, and foodie-heaven but on the cheap and healthy.

May be broke on my ass, but I’ll enjoy myself just dandy. :) And I can lose a couple pounds ‘cos I can’t afford the booze that I’d normally drink on holidays. Bah! Still, I’ll enjoy myself. I’ll be self-righteously sober. And broke. But probably tanned. Definitely relaxed. That’s got to be, what, 7.5 out of 10 for the week? Sure.

I just can’t get towed. ;)

(It’s the next day, I’ve finally weighed myself, and I’ve lost about 37 pounds now. Yay.)

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