Of Muffins, Mechanics, and Meddling Old Men

It’s a long story but my scooter mechanic works pretty much for free if I throw homemade foodie goods his way. So, since my bike’s getting its love on with the boy avec wrench today, I had to zip up to Safeway for the urgently-needed chocolate chips with which I would bake muffins to appease said mechanic boy.

I was pre-caffeine when the driver of the car next to my scooter eyeballed my bumpersticker on the side of my bike, which reads: “The last time we combined politics and religion, people were burned at the stake.”

So the old guy goes, “I’m sorry your bike doesn’t like religion.”

It took me off-guard, which it shouldn’t, since a surprising number of people question me about the sticker. But I gathered my clues and sputtered, “It doesn’t have a problem with religion, it just doesn’t like it when religion mixes with politics.”

“Well, I like my religion.”

“In your politics? As long as it’s YOUR religion, right?”

“Oh. Hmm. Well… Now that you mention it…”

“Yeah, there you go.”

So he chuckled, scratched his head, finished backing up and took off.

Which goes to show you: It’d be nice if people would actually think about what they read before they go spouting off against it, wouldn’t it? Ahh, the silly things I dream of.

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