From Super-Crowded Weekend to… Nothing? Score!

I was supposed to have a date this evening, but that’s been derailed by a trainwreck called life. Dude got pitched a curveball, and now has to go deal with the fallout. And I’m cool with that. I’ve opted out, since all I thought I was signing up for was some fun and companionship, not a drama.

I’m keeping that possibility open (of fun and companionship) because we all have this shit rain down on us sometimes and everyone comes with baggage. That’s just reality. Some people are worth it though. But. But. But. That’s a pretty select few, so I’m keeping all my options open, and I’m quite fine with saying “No, too much, buh-bye” if only because adversity + new relationships are like alcohol and cars. You could, but it’s pretty fucking stupid, you know? Better to say, “Hey, you’re cool. Sort your shit out and gimme a call when you’re up for something, we’ll see if it’s a fit”.

Life’s that double-edged sword: too short not to take the chance, but too long to do it at the wrong time, right?

So, my Saturday night is free now. (And I have a new box of sex toys, heh heh heh.)

My day was supposed to be with my brother, picking paint colours for his new abode in our old hometown. But then his van spontaneously combusted in the heat on the highway yesterday and he got to stand by the roadside as 20+ years of CDs and DVDs and his kid’s playstation and a bunch of other shit, including his $5,000 hearing aids, just exploded into a fireball, since it took almost 20 minutes for the fire department to arrive in bumper-to-bumper rush-hour traffic.

Needless to say, he’s not really in the mood to look at paint chips.

Now I have a gaping expanse of a day open to me, and I’m hatching a plan. My place is 60 minutes from spotless, so I’ll spin some music later and get dirty as I clean up in the heat wave. I plan to do some yoga, a short bike ride, and a gourmet healthy meal, followed by sex toys, and a “spa” night of pampering myself.

Yeah, I’m so bummed I don’t have a date. Ha! Awesome. What a great night I have ahead of me. There’s tons of good movies showing on the telly this weekend too. This is one of those “I love being single and anti-social!” weekends.

See, I have the foresight of knowing my life’s about to get hectic. Volunteering at the Farmer’s Market next week, hangin’ with the locals on a sunny Saturday. The weekend after that, I sacrifice a whole Saturday indoors as I make my way into the second round of screenings for volunteers at Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics. Like, getting to be involved in the whole Olympic experience behind the scenes? AWESOME.

I had the woman who screened me for the volunteering pool laughing so hard she said she was crying. I made her snort. Twice.

But I’d been exercising earlier before she called, had three cups of coffee, and had smoked up, so I was in this super-jovial and playful mood, totally open and honest, but full of one-liners. None of which I remember, of course, since I’d smoked up. Heh. I was lucky she was the person screening me. Someone uptight would’ve been soooo offended by me. I get that way. You don’t need to know.

The volunteering is all part of my master plan to get a life again. Now that I’ve officially lost 40 pounds and found some great stuff crazy marked-down (3 shirts, jeans, shorts for $90!) I picked up some new clothes this week and have begun to feel cute again and would like to mix it up with new people. I’m getting my bubbly confidence back and I’d like to play. :)

I also have a couple social shindigs lined up and then the usual visiting with the usual suspects, so life’s about to get a little out there.

So this is my last wide-open weekend for a bit, methinks, so I aim to enjoy the time I have to myself, and in proper good fashion. The BIG deal of my weekend, since I don’t have to see anyone or do anything now?

I’m gonna get up at 3.45am and cycle to beach to catch the sunrise. :) All by myself. Me, my iPod, and my camera.

Because I’m single and have complete control over my schedule. Because I can go from there, grab some big breakfast, read a book, get back home by 9am, have a bath, crawl back in bed, and get up in the afternoon.

Haven’t done that for four, maybe five years, man, and I’ve never cycled as far as I plan to cycle tomorrow morning for one of my insane sunrise rides… so I can’t fucking wait. And 30 degrees/90 degree high, it’ll be perfect temp at 4am!

Hope the pictures turn out, then I’ll share.

But this is how you really, really enjoy the single life. Pack a lot of nice quality time to yourself into one weekend or one evening, and enjoy yourself. If you don’t, who will, eh? Happy weekend, minions.

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