I AM CANADIAN! Happy Canada Day!

It’s Canada Day! Yay! Canada! Happy Canada Day, my fellow Canucks.

I love my country. Love my country! I hate my period cramps I’m suffering through right now, but I love my country.

Tonight I’ll be at a concert after I feed my friend and I. Today, I hope to pop by Value Village to see if they’ve any affordable clothes to fit my budget. Fingers crossed.

If you’re in Vancouver today, and haven’t done it before (I have), make sure you swing by the Cannibis Day festivities down at Robson Square. Hey, you can smoke a joint AND chat with the cops at the same time. No, really, a surreal headtrip I recommend everyone as they’re there only to direct traffic. :) Or if you’re out in the ‘burbs, go check out the always-awesome WIL at the Golden Spike Days in Port Moody for free.

This advertising campaign just engulfed our country about a decade ago, and is every bit as awesome today as it was then, and will always be something *I* feel, and most Canadians feel, speaks for us all. If you’ve never seen Joe Canada and his “I Am Canadian!” rant, here’s your lucky day.

Back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow. It’s a holiday today, dontcha know?

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