Mastering My Domain

I’ve mastered my domain, and in more than one ways, today.* Finally, at long last, my house almost looks like the perfect home I’ve been after for god knows how long.

There’s your average clean house, and then there’s fuck-on-the-floors clean, and that’s the house I’ve finally got. I mean, I even flipped the mattress when I washed the sheets. Goodness.

There’s nothing that makes me crave sex more than a clean house. I’m not sure what it is. Not suprisingly, I saw this poll the other day someplace that said male partners who increase the amount of housework they do by as much as 30% tend to see an average of 50% increase in the amount of shagging they get.

Maybe I’m not the only woman who gets turned on by a clean house. Hmm.

But as I wandered haphazardly about, cleaning hither and thither, I got to thinking about scenarios with a potential male counterpart. Little visions of what we could do where. Memories of things I’ve done in various spots of my apartment, and to-do’s still unchecked on that mighty list of mine.

So if my little sex-conjuring fairy is out there anywhere, willing to take orders, I’m looking for some smart-yet-hot guy with a wicked sex drive but who loves to discuss sex as much as have it. Someone with an open mind, but along the same lines as mine. Not overly dominant or submissive, but a healthy switch who loves to play both sides. A nice penis would be appreciated as well, and endurance. Must also get that, even if I write a sometimes-sex blog, even I have my sexual insecurities. Don’t we all?

Oh, sure, not too much to ask for at all, now, is it? That’ll just materialize in no time at all. Poof! Magic man who inspires all manner of things in me. A beefy muse. Right around the next corner, eh?

But my floors are clean! Let them not go to waste!

Well, I know I painted my place back in March and promised everyone photos back then, but I’ve been distracted. Here’s a picture of my bedroom as it looks these days. Click on ’em for bigger images so you can scrutinize my belongings. :P I’d show you the crappy “Before” pictures, but they’re on my laptop and it’s a hassle.

The limey part of the green is not so fresh in real life, and it’s a little more subdued than it would appear. Very relaxing. I wanted a colour scheme that wouldn’t leave men wanting to walk out, something masculine-friendly yet still very feminine for my needs, too. (Something to keep in mind if you’re single. I mean, you want ’em comfy, no?)

Is it what you imagined?

I neglected to post the last Sugasm, so I’m posting it now, but click on the heading if you want to see the whole list of participants for week 137, since I’m truncating it as it’s already outta date. :)

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*For those who know Seinfeld. Nudge, nudge. I do mean “mastered”.

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