Quickie: Trouble at the Whorehouse

Oh, minions, minions… what cruel beast has wreaked the wrath of morning upon me? Why must work loom?

WRONG. That’s what working for a living is. Wrong. One of these days the spirit in the sky’s gonna get the memo where I asked for a stretch of private beach in Bali with a cute pool boy playing lapdog and bringing me drink after drink and newspapers. Working for a living is so uncouth. I’d be so good at a life of slack.

But at least I not only have a job, but a cushy, easy job of watching television. The good thing about recessions is, you can always count on people eating, and watching television. So my job’s secure.

Which is not really what you can say to some of the fine women plying the world’s oldest profession down in the great state of Nevada.

Sadly, the Nevada Brothel Owner’s Association is admitting they’ve been hurt something awful by the new economy and the crippling gas prices. Even truckers just can’t find the coin to get shagged roadside anymore.

Times they are a-changin’, friends. The brothels, of course, are thinking outside the sex-filled box, and coming up with creative ways to jog their businesses. According to CNN:

Under a promotion under way at the Moonlite BunnyRanch near Carson City, the first 100 customers who arrive with government stimulus checks receive twice the services for the same regular price.”We’re calling it double your stimulus,” said BunnyRanch owner Dennis Hof. “The brothel industry is having to get more creative just like all consumer products in America. Everybody has got to deal, and we’re doing the same thing.”

Twice the services, hey? Very nice. But strangely out of keeping with a government cheque.

You can read the rest of the story here.

Tomorrow, I’ll feed you something new. Come back then.

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