Sextoy Review! The GIGI "Pleasure Object" by LELO

My good friends at VibeReview sent me some pretty toys earlier this month, and the one I couldn’t wait to get playing with first was this beautiful toy pictured here.

The Gigi Pleasure Object could also have another name: “Your New Best Friend.”

This thing is to sex toys what the iPOD is to music. No, really.

Sure, you could go for the so-called five-speed turn-the-dial vibrators out there, or you could cross the threshold into the 21st century and try a vibrator powered by a microchip, that offers five incredible sensations, and each of those come in five different speeds. Oh, you have no idea.

But that’s only part of what I love, love, love about this toy. So, let’s slow down and break it down for a second:


Wow! What a beautiful thing to open. It comes in a simple wine-coloured box, and you slide that open and there’s a beautiful black box (no markings) in which sits this sophisticated, original “pleasure object”. Not only that, it comes with a gorgeous little white satin bag to keep it in. But the thing looks like art. Why put it away? (Because you want to protect it from dust and cooties, of course, silly.)

It’s rechargable. In fact, it has no removable batteries. It will charge completely in two hours and will give you 90 minutes of continuous playtime. This, and plenty of other great information comes in the User’s Manual. Like how speed #5 is for “before and after”. Yes, it’s a five-speed. And we love our five speeds, don’t we? But five SENSATIONS with five speeds each? Like, ohmigod!

The five “sensations” include: 1) your basic steady-ready solid vibrating found on every other vibe in the world — but that’s where the similarities end — 2) short but radiating and expanding pulses, 3) short and quick staccato pulses on rapid-fire, 4) steady vibrating with a rhythmic pounding throb overlapping it, and, my favourite, 5) a steady vibrating with radiating climaxing built in on a three-second repeating pattern (and it’ll blow your mind). Each of these five “sensations” can be ramped from from “merely there” vibrating to “shaking your knees” vibrating, because it’s seemingly powered by the same kind of microchip that makes your cellphone get so happy.

This is a seriously powerful, seriously smart sex toy. The touch control is one four-direction tab you can move up and down through the sensations, and side-to-side for the power/speed options.

One thing I love about the Gigi, too, is, when the battery’s still not charged, and you’re charging it, the touch control is illuminated with an LED light, and flashes once every second. Once it’s fully charged, it lights up solid. So, you’ll be able to walk back to the living room from the washroom and notice through your dark bedroom that your Gigi’s fully charged, and one thought about its vibing power, you’ll probably skip the rest of So You Think You Can Dance and spend a little girl time with Your New Best Friend.

The look of it, too, is awesome. It’s sleek, clean, pretty to look at, not too large, and if you did happen to leave it out, it’s not the kind of toy a friend’ll spot and you’ll have to cringe when they point it out. It’s tasteful looking. It’s modern design, modern art.

And this thing is light, girls. Once you take the batteries out of a toy like this, it is very, very light and easy to maneuver.


It’s small. It’s designed to look sleek and modern, so there are no “pleasure enhancing” ridges on it that have become standard on so many vibes. I’m waiting for the sex toy that is easier to handle controls on with lubed-up fingers slipping and sliding off it, but the Gigi’s not yet that toy.

It’s very solid, ie: hard, but because it’s a smaller toy, that’s not so much of a problem, plus it’s easier to clean as a result.

But… I had to think about this. Really.


Can I tell you how much the environmentalist in me LOVES that no batteries are needed yet there are no annoying cords? It’s rechargeable, operated by a microprocessor, and so you can tell from across a dark room when it’s fully charged. It has stunning vibing options, five of ’em, and they all come with five speeds.

This is amongst one of the most powerful vibes I’ve ever, ever seen, but its five speeds really do offer everything from merely there to damn-that-thing’s-quakin’ speeds that’ll get you melting.

This is one cool little toy to have, and absolutely worth a night in. If you spend only around $100 on sex toys this year? Spend it on Gigi. She’ll make sure you’re properly spent, in more ways than one.

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