Bush Rides Again:Birth Control Defined as "Abortion"?

I know I’m Canadian, and I’ve not had to live under George Bush, but as a girl next door, I have spent much of the last eight years comprehensively alarmed by the steady erosion of freedom under this current American administration, and the assault on the sexual choices and options of the voting public, among many other questionable policies enacted over much of this last decade.

But this one takes the motherfucking cake, and it’s not getting enough press yet.

A draft regulation is circulating the Department of Health and Human services in which it seeks to redefine abortion to INCLUDE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS AND IUDs.

That’s right, by taking a birth control pill — just any old 21-days-a-month pill — or having an IUD implanted, you would legally be “participating in abortion”.

Now, this isn’t law, yet. May never be. May never even hit the floor. But it’s out there. And all those little religious-righters are wringing their fingers in glee, hoping like hell it happens, while the rest of a country that supposedly purports to separate church from state may have to pay the price for a motherfuckin’ religion-fuelled dumb policy like this hitting the books.

Now those in the administration are calling the folks (like me) on the left “reactionaries” who are overblowing the whole thing, that it won’t create difficulties for women taking the pill. Oh, really? But it’ll redefine it as abortion. It’ll redefine it as the “taking” of a life, rather than the prevention of life forming.

If the definition doesn’t DO anything, then WHY REDEFINE IT? See, that’s the thing. If you’re not DOING anything, then why are you doing it at all? Right? Because, even if you claim it’s not doing anything, but you’re doing it anyways, then…

Because, psst, you know you really ARE DOING something. This is Bush using the last six months of a presidency to get the door open, stick a foot in, and create the possibility of rewriting law in the coming years based on an obscure redefinition that eeked its way into being in the dying hours of the most unpopular presidency in the history of the country, a presidency that came into being on the backs of the strongest evangelical/religious-right movement ever seen in America.

The reason you tweak laws, redefining them or broadening their definitions, is to create the opportunity for a legal climate in which challenges may better succeed.

If the draft regulation were to prompt some insurance companies to drop coverage for prescription birth control, “that would be fantastic,” said Tom McClusky, a strategist with the conservative Family Research Council.

The Wall Street Journal

Roe v Wade is ticking strong after three decades, to the devastation of people all over the Right; something needs to change in the legal landscape if the anti-abortion crowd is ever going to succeed.

Though this nebulous would-be policy of “Well, it’s not really DOING anything, we’re just changing language” might seem silly, it’s not. It’s terrifying. It’s ethically wrong. It flies in the face of everything American — in a country of the free, a country supposedly unfettered by its religious climate. It’s door-stopper policy-making in the attempt of opening a door to the potential of reducing freedoms of choice. That’s it, in a nutshell.

If this would-be policy terrifies you like it does me, and you’re American, you need to write your members of congress, your governors, and anyone else who’ll listen, and say so. With luck it’ll never become policy; with your voice against it, it won’t need luck.

If you’re planning to vote in November’s election, you need to know that John McCain has declined to comment on this potential policy change, while Barack Obama has scathingly denounced it.

To be ranking the taking of daily birth control pill in the same category as a second-trimester abortion is just disgusting. But though that’s what I’ve come to expect from the Bush administration, I’m still utterly repulsed.

And you should be, too. And frightened. With six months to go, the lowest approval ratings ever, this is about as ballsy as a dumbfuck lame-duck President could be. Un-fucking-believable.

So, I gotta ask: Are you gonna stand for this?

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