A Quickie Hello

I spent my Saturday slacking off but tidying, then launched into the mother of all cooking nights*.

Now’s a cycling and visiting-people day, for which I’ve got to rush.

Tune in tomorrow when I’ll be reviewing a couple sex toys. Tuesday I’ll be running a little something that ponders how rough I liked to play as a kid and maybe how that influences who I am today. Bondage, anyone?

Meanwhile, hope everyone’s weekend finishes fab. We’ve got a late-season burst of beautiful sun and warm temperatures, and I’m fucking thrilled a bike figures into my day’s plan.

*I made my highly sought-after sundried tomato-basil-garlic butter that I do every August and give to close friends and family, who all gobble greedily. I roasted a bohemoth of a kosher chicken that’ll be the basis of everything I eat this week. And I grilled a dozen sweet-tooth red peppers for a nice bruschetta of the peppers, garlic, and good olive oil for appies when I visit some goodly folk today. Wanna make my butter with the end-of-season harvest? Approximately a pound of sundried tomatoes in olive oil [oil drained] with a pound of butter and a half head garlic, as well as a couple cups of fresh basil, for which you can use the stalks too. Good salt. Pureed. :) Keeps for months in a cold fridge, about three months or so. I doubled the batch to split between three people for the season.

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