HI! Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

I’ve been in hiding! I’ve finally fooled the Feds and I can come out from behind the watercooler! Schwing!

Okay, no, my URL has been all fucked up and because Blogger is a finicky CUNT, I somehow got locked out of my FTP log-in, despite changing passwords to be identical about a million times.

I’ve been in post-withdrawal hell! Fuck!

FIRST THINGS FIRST: Do not change your bookmarks! Do not change your RSS feed subscription address! CHANGE NOTHING. Before you know it, I’ll be back home on SmutandSteff.com. You’re at SmuttySteff.com temporarily because I wanted you readers back and because I don’t want you thinking I’ve abandoned all y’all. We’re waiting for site propagation now, and then everything will be done in a couple days. And everything will be back to normal… but sexier! Look at this place!

But, really, Blogger probably did us all a big favour. I would have just whined at you the last two weeks.

I’ve been off work with a blown back since October 3rd. It got worse the next four days as I sank into the worst physical pain of my life. It’s slowly (I mean SLOWLY) improved since Thursday, but I’m still kinda a mess, and a return to work looms in mere hours.

Still, look! A fabulous new home. Come on, tell me how much you love the new layout. :) Plus, now powered by WordPress plug-ins, I’ve got “CommentLuv” enabled so it’ll whore your most recent blog post (if you want it to) underneath your name whenever you leave me a comment. See? I get comment love, and you get blog visit love. How cool is that?

Samantha and Ang are my heroines who saved me from WordPress migration hell and some seriously fucked up server chaos. Thanks, ladies. You make me swoon!

Now, you could have been following my drug-induced painkiller ramblings on Twitter had you been following my feed during all this. Or you could have even followed all the drama in bringing this site live. But without subscribing to my Twitter, you’d never have known about why I hadn’t posted in 10 days. Now, though, you can follow me on Twitter through the sidebar, or subscribe. Crazy, I know.

Finally, be patient with me. It’s going to take me about three or so weeks perhaps to finish off the fine details of the transfer — all the archival tagging, categorizing, and link-repairing — required to get this blog up to its full WordPress power. Links have changed in the transfer, tags have been lost, categories never existed. Soon my whole backlog, including ALL my work I ever wrote on The Cunting Linguist and all the 3600+ comments left on there for me, will be entirely searchable by subject, category, related articles, keyword, and chronology. With 1,000 posts on every topic imaginable, it’s time I have such search power behind my wee blog.

Like I say: CHANGE NOTHING. I’ll be sorting all that out, but at least you can read me in the meantime.

Together again, minions! We’re together again.

Note to universe: This wasn’t what I had in mind when I was thinking lately that I’d like to spend a little more time on my back. Shit. 10 days of lying on the floor? Thank god THAT’s coming to an end. Now, I need me a little other action on my floor, thankyouverymuch.

Note to YOU: There’s a lot of content from August 2005 to January 2007 that has never seen the light of day on Smut and Steff, it’s all original to The Cunting Linguist and never was entirely brought over. The comments are ALL there, finally, so there might be some fun to be had by surfing the much-more-complete archives — which needs to be tagged and categorized, but hey. Gimme time!

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