Welcome to the New Digs!

Hey, world. You’ve reached the work-in-progress temporary new home of SmutandSteff.com.

We’re having incredible difficulties in getting my URL sorted out. It’s still going to be at least two days before that sorts out. I’m figuring a week or so. I’ve given up being upset about it.

I am, however, upset that a reader and e-friend and blogging colleague, the incredible Ang of The Sweltering Celt has been so incredibly put out after days and days of endless assistance that she’s been doing for me as under a really paltry trade. If you’re looking for help making a Blogger-to-Wordpress migration, she works pretty cheap with a PayPal donation, you know. Ang, you’re fabulous!

But, you know, good things come to those who wait. I mean, hey, look at this place, wouldja?

I’ve made all the HTML changes from the free WP Aurora Theme, which has some strange design things like blockquote that actually does the opposite of drawing you in to read it (so, I’ve changed that) and I’ve made the colours more punchy and fun. Over the next couple weeks there’ll continue to be more changes. The categories will continue to expand but then get bunched into master lists, so my archives will be much more easily searched by topic. Considering I’ve written more than 1,000 posts over the years, that’s a big benefit.

Which brings us to the sheer volume of content you’ll find here.

I’ve managed to assimilate both my blogs — The Cunting Linguist and Smut & Steff — into one monster volume. ALL my original comments — all 5,000 of them — are now found here on this site. All postings have been reverted back to the original version. For the first time ever, all that content is on one great site. This means there’s more than 500 postings that were NOT on Smut & Steff that you can now read here — specifically anything from before 2007, probably only 30% of that content was ever published on Smut & Steff.

Now, it’s funny, when I was chatting with Ang, she totally was surprised when I mentioned during the URL-switching process that I’m the owner/writer of The Cunting Linguist, which was a weirdly big success for me in 2005-2006. Switching URLs back then was easily one of the most moronic things I’ve ever done, but shit happens. Still, I’m her, she’s me, and now it’s ALL here.

Sorry the whole process is taking so long, minions, but I think it’s all going to be worth it. Patience, baby, patience. I’m irritated it’s taking so long, but I’m thrilled with how well it’s going. A lot of work ahead of me, but when I’m done, I’m done. Yay!

Enjoy the new digs, minions. But do NOT change your bookmarks or RSS feed — this blog’s location will be BACK at smutandsteff.com before you know it. No, really! Or in about a week. No, really…

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