Why Sarah Palin Scares Me

If you read me, and you’re a fan of Sarah Palin? I’m offended by your ignorance, and the fact that you deem me entertaining yet take THAT THING seriously. Don’t read me, please. It’s insulting. And educate yourself.

She is ignorant, uninformed, inarticulate, and frankly, dangerous. If you support her? You are, too.

Let’s talk about all the reasons I hate this woman. As much as I dislike that word, hate, this woman prompts that feeling in me for all the things she stands for, that I stand against. Few brands of people fill me with as much terror as someone like her.

For starters, rape victims were on the hook for part or all of the rape kits in her town of Wasilla. Her chief of police did it, and she never tried to stop it. Some reports state her town had the highest rape statistics in Alaska, which had the highest rape statistics in America. Now, there’s no proof Palin ever argued in favour of keeping this policy, but she sure as hell never tried to repeal it — which you’d think, as a woman, she might feel like getting on side of women, and as a mother, that she’d want rapists off the streets–whatever the fiscal cost. Gee, if you’re not willing to spring for rape kits so you can properly investigate whodunnit, I guess the same rapists stay in business, huh?

On the question of whether she would allow a daughter who was raped by her father and made pregnant to abort the baby, she said she would “counsel” them to “choose life”.

The woman believes homosexuality is a choice. In 2008. In the same interview I’ve just hyperlinked to, from CBS, she said:

But as for homosexuality, I am not going to judge Americans and the decisions that they make in their adult personal relationships. I have one of my absolute best friends for the last 30 years happens to be gay, and I love her dearly. And she is not my “gay friend,” she is one of my best friends, who happens to have made a choice that isn’t a choice that I have made. But I am not going to judge people.

A man was beaten severely here in Vancouver last week, his jaw wired shut, surgery required, all because he was gay and holding hands with another man. Gays attempt suicide more than others. Do you REALLY think they’re going to CHOOSE a lifestyle that can result in such bashing and hatred? Do you really think they CHOOSE to feel compelled to be suicidal because they feel they’ve failed to change this thing about them? WTF?

She thinks Alaska makes one of the largest energy-producing contributions to America’s energy bottom line. In fact, she thinks America can be the new Middle-East, that the oil’s “there” and needs to be extracted. Um, no. It contributes 3% of the energy generated by the United States, and the US contributes only 3% of the world’s energy creation, yet consumes 25% of it. So, she’s no expert on energy just because there’s a few oil wells in Alaska.

And I’m sick and fucking tired of the whole “Yay, working mom!” bullshit that’s going on out there.

Where I come from, a mother who finds out her newborn’s got Down’s Syndrome, she’s going to adjust her schedule and be there for her child more, especially when she’s got three other kids. Where I come from, a woman has a daughter who’s 17 and pregnant, she doesn’t accept a position that’s going to throw her daughter into the limelight on a national stage. Where I come from, when a teenager gets pregnant, the fingers get pointed at the parents to say, “Geez, why didn’t you educate them better? Why didn’t you talk about condoms?” instead of rah-rahing them for being so hip and supportive of their kid.

This mother-of-the-year bullshit has worn way thin on me.

Then we get to the topic of religion.

If you’re a born-again Christian, not only might you want to stop reading this article, you should really stop reading my blog, because I think you’re a fucking twit if you think the world’s 6,000 years old. I think you’re a fucking TOOL. No, REALLY.

Freedom to believe? Freedom to be stupid! Am I politically incorrect? On this? Fucking right I am. And it feels great!

Sarah Palin is precisely such a tool. She believes man and dinosaurs hung out together! She believes we coexisted! Then, after some “undisclosed” passage of time, dinosaurs just went poof and the world became man’s. (She told one young Wasilla fella that she’d seen man’s footprints inside dinosaur prints.)

She belongs to a church in Wasilla, Alaska, that should scare the fuck out of any “mainstream” Christian. They speak in tongues! The minister ADMITS and is PROUD OF driving a woman out of his community in Kenya because she was a “witch” — or at least HE thought she was. Palin, like Bush, believes she’s been tapped because God Has a Plan For Her. Really? God has a plan for an ignorant former beauty-queen who’s got nothing to offer to the SERIOUS issues of the day?

This woman will be a heartbeat away from the presidency! After EIGHT YEARS of being ruled by a party that’s been bending over for the religious right — mostly because the discussion on “values” took the pressure off their failed war — we have this right-wing nutbag who never even had a passport until last year, has no understanding of the world beyond America, standing behind the guy who wants to be The Guy… who has had cancer four times, who’s got this disturbing new eye twitch, who’s become visibly disoriented in public of late — and there’s FOUR YEARS he’s supposed to sit in office? Alive? Good luck with that!

[Re: McCain’s health: The media had only three hours to examine the more than 1,200 pages his campaign released from his medical file — none of which were sequential or numbered, so the media couldn’t even look at it in a cogent, organized way, let alone in depth. When’s the last time you tried to read 1,200 pages of medical notes… in three hours?]

If you even think this woman is remotely qualified for this job, you’re wrong. If she doesn’t scare you, you’re not informed. If you don’t care, you’re a fool.

Palin is of the Bush ilk — “you’re either with us, or you’re against us” — but anyone who’s ever had any kind of a human relationship should understand that there are no black and whites in relationships. You can like someone but disagree with them. By ruling the country in black and whites, America has arrived where it is today — ostracized by the world at large, constantly in defense mode, with a soon-to-be $11-trillion deficit, waging two wars, with an economy on the verge of bankruptcy, all because the government in power tried to distract people from the real issues by making governing about “family values” and not about what’s right for the country and its bottom line.

Sarah Palin? Dangerous. Wrong. In every fucking way.

Get real. Never has a politician been more wrong for a time and place than she is for America now. Dick Cheney in a skirt? Worse. At least Dick had brains.

NOTE: I do not hate Christians. I just think born-again “the world is 6,000 years old, and our ancestors walked with dinosaurs!” are fucking nimrods. There’s a difference!

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