Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night

It’s 3:30am and my brother’s asleep on my couch, my nephew’s crashed in my bed, and snow is everywhere.

Vancouver has had a once-in-half-a-century snowfall. Come a couple hours from now they’ll be measuring at the airport, and weather guys think we’ll be “blowing apart” the record set 45 years ago for the most snow ever on Christmas. This snowy street shot was taken just before 10am on Christmas Eve day. It snowed for another eight hours, mostly real, real hard, after that.

We likely won’t be seeing the family on Christmas Day. We might do our Christmas one night next week, instead. More suspense about gifts.

But that’s okay. Christmas shouldn’t have to remain one day of the year. And it shouldn’t be just about gifts.

Anyhow. I wish everyone a little peace this Christmas. And if you’re alone this holiday season, here’s hoping you’re enjoying it despite yourself.

The photos I’ve shared here are both from my neighbourhood. The snowy street is of the 2+feet that was on the ground one Christmas eve morning, and the snowy sunrise taken after our first big dump of snow, from my balcony, three or four days ago.

I love the miracle of snow. :)

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